Perhaps you have finalized to use new tiles for the floors of your new home. Then why not consider installing vitrified tiles. They are fast emerging as a hot favourite among home owners across the country. These tiles are best suited for those spaces that get exposed constantly to frost or moisture. You do need to research more on this product to get more information on the same. You do need to take a well-informed approach before making the final investment.

About vitrified tiles

Vitrified ceramic floor tiles are considered to be quite similar to that of the traditional ceramic options available in the market. However, this mix has clay and silica in its composition. During vitrification procedure, clay and silica is melt and then blend together. This is to create a glass type element within each tile. It is designed to retain its original shine and sheen even after long years of use. This is that makes this product popular as you don’t have to worry about reinstalling for a long time.

Know the types

Generally, there are offered four types, namely soluble salt, double charge, glazed and full body. Double charge tiles are designed to offer easy maintenance. They are also durable and are meant for areas that experiences high footfall like living rooms, kitchens, etc. Soluble salt variants can be an inexpensive option and sure to fit everyone’s budget with ease. Glazed tile designs have been created for those who prefer interesting patterns. Full body tiles offer uniform thickness and colour consistency. High footfall areas can benefit from this type.

Why consider double charge vitrified tiles?

During the manufacturing process, two pigment colours are used to create these tiles. Hence, they have derived this name. When compared to other vitrified variants available, they are much thicker. They are also beneficial for homeowners. They are durable, easy to maintain as well a perfect fit for high traffic areas such as living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Benefits of installing vitrified tiles

These tiles are available in different colours, patterns and styles, thus being a wonderful alternative to granite or marble. Besides this, they are resistant towards stain, dust and water. Thus, vitrified tiles can be maintained effortlessly. Also, they are provided with smooth finishing. Such tiles also appear visually appealing and do make a favourite choice among modern homes. You have the choice to choose something that best fits your needs, preferences and budget.

Are there any disadvantages?

This is something that you need to be wary of before making the final decision to purchase and install them for your flooring. Being made from clay, silica and vitrification process, they are likely to a bit more expensive than traditional ceramic tiles. Wet floors will make it quite slippery. They also cannot be repaired easily. Hence, do take into consideration such aspects if there are small children and elderly people at home who are more prone to falls and accidents.

Its properties

These tiles are known for its low porosity. Hence, it is frost and water resistant. You may seek to install tiles having anti-skid coating as it offers amazing abrasion resistance. They are a great fit in those areas experiencing heavy movement. Their durability and easy to maintain properties is what makes it a wise choice although they are a bit expensive. Such tiles also come with low setting time. They can be a perfect fit for timeline-based home renovation projects.

Where can you use vitrified tiles?

These tiles undoubtedly are the perfect choice for backsplash in bathroom or kitchen flowing. Vitrification process ensures that the tiles get hardened as well as weatherproof, such that it is usable both outdoors and indoors. They are also strong enough to withstand lots of pressure placed on them. Hence, they are suitable for areas of high traffic. It can also be installed in the garden or the roof. Based on the amount of traffic experienced by the rooms, you may choose these tiles to install.

Maintenance tips

Vitrified tiles’ inherent properties are what make them stain-proof, thus making them a great choice for kitchens. They can be maintained and cleaned without much effort. You just need to use some simple cleaning agents and ordinary water for the purpose and ensures it shines like new all the time. If the need arises to clean more stubborn stains, then use water and vinegar combination. Also reseal annually the grout that exists between the tiles to ensure extending its life.

What should you consider before making final investment?

Make sure you have gone through the pros and cons of its installation to make a well-informed choice. Although installing such tiles does not take much time, it can be a tedious one. For perfect laying of the tiles, you require the services of an expert. Being experienced and knowledgeable, they will make use of strong adhesives to ensure greater stability of the tiles. Also, the joints will be made even. A proper installation will ensure peace of mind and enhance its visual appearance.