It might be high time that you considered renovating your home. Homeowners generally prefer using neutral shades as these are elegant, subtle and safe. But at times, it might simply get boring. A better way to escape this dull monotony will be to use Moroccan tiles. There are numerous suppliers offering quality expensive and affordable choices. You may buy in any quantity as desired without having to compromise your desires or money. Its exquisite pattern is sure to offer that fresh feel to your home.

Energetic look

Morocco is a beautiful country well-known for its blend of cultures. This, in turn has managed to influence several aspects of which home decor is one. Tiles that have its origination here can enliven any home quickly. Their exotic shapes, rhythmic patterns and bold colours offer that quintessential spicy touch. They are available in a wide range of colours that makes them unrivalled. They can also blend with any design or theme. Hence, you can experiment with them.

How Moroccan tiles can be used to customize a room?

· Dining room: Moroccan tiles can make alfresco dining room visions to come true with confluence of cultures. These tiles when used can help delineate open-plan dining room from the kitchen. Select a flexible colour with area style and be creative.

· Kitchen: Backsplash is considered to be an important place to install tiles in any modern kitchen. This particular location offers visual appeal of its versatile colour. Exquisiteness of such ethnic tiles tends to lie in its versatility. Contemporary kitchens can make use of these tiles on the walls or floor.

· Patio: There are different patterns of moroccan tiles in Delhi NCR that can be used in any part of your house. Patios are considered to be archetypal place where you can experiment with such tiles. To derive that debonair look especially on a restricted space, you may use petite repeated patterns.

· Bathroom: Glittering master bathroom having inbuilt spa is sure to sound romantic. If there is limited space, a spa tub may not fit into it. But Moroccan-inspired tiles can offer that magical feeling. Blue-tinged tiles along with scones and copper fittings offer warm effect. Cool jewel-hued tiles can help accent all-white bathroom.

· Bedroom: When design is concerned, you can experiment with different types of materials, colours, light, patterns and textures. The bedroom can be provided with a fresh, new look. The smallest wall present in this room can be fit with contrasting and tiles.

· Entryway: A long gallery or the foyer end can be made more interesting with Moroccan tiles. An off-white wall having compact bright tile section or all-grey setting can offer the place with impactful improvisation.

Experimenting with Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles have managed to allure today’s smartphone generation with its snap-worthy quality. You can use ceramic building materials to create art, bohemian or edgy deco to come up with limitless interior design ideas. Each one is sure to be unique and also satisfactory. You just need to scour through the different designs and find out what best suits your specific needs. The right designs will enhance the beauty of your place and earn you praise from everyone.

Design ideas

· Building drama: Intricacy and imposing graphics are considered to be two sides of a story. You can find these tiles in large formats and varying patterns. You may choose to use them to ensure surprise and drama that is sure to unfold.

· Intricacy: These tiles are known for its elaborate, small patterns having geometric shapes. You can install narrow strips on the walls or floor, either vertically or narrowly to fashion some picturesque ingredient. It is sure to be entertaining and visually appealing.

· Economical: If the plan is to renovate the home, then complete paint job, textured walls or wallpaper overhaul can be quite expensive. Also will be needed extensive labour. To save on expenses, you may choose Moroccan tiles and install them on a particular wall.

How can these tiles jazz your home?

These tiles are found to be fashion for a quite a long time and not likely to fade away due to competition. Several reasons can be cited for the same. Since it is handmade, it is slightly imperfect something quite true for all things created natural. It is this natural charm that makes people to prefer such tiles for their floors or walls. It does fit perfectly all types of homes, be it traditional or contemporary.


Cleaning these tiles is not that easy unlike other regular tiles available in the market. The reason is that being handmade, they have protruding corners, edges and uneven shapes. When cleaning agents is concerned for use, Moroccan tiles require similar maintenance and cleaning like other tiles do. Use only mild cleaning agents to remove dirt and stains. Do not use abrasive brushes and harsh cleaning agents. Wet, soft cloths can help clean the place or it might lose its sheen.